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The Frontier Wolves

We are a semi-realistic wolf roleplay set in the Southwest of the United States. Two clans, the Settlers and Natives, must survive near an abandoned mining camp.
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New Site Colors!
Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:40 pm by DerpBacon
Frankly, the existing colors of the site seemed a bit too...hard on the eyes.

To resolve this, I've changed a few colors to black and some to white to reduce eye strain. No more bright pinkish-brown!

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Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:20 am by DerpBacon
I am pleased to announce the arrival of SPECIAL stats!
If you have ever played the Fallout video game series, these should definitely be familiar. In a nutshell, they are attributes for your wolf. You have 15 points to split among your SPECIAL …

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Pack Video Contest!
Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:43 am by DerpBacon
So far, we of the Frontier Wolves have been doing great with kickstarting our pack! However, I do believe it is time for a little extra coin-earning...
For our statistics, our pack video is labeled a "work in progress." Why not begin …

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A Visitor Account!
Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:37 pm by DerpBacon
Today, a visitor account has been created! This account does NOT roleplay or is an official member. Instead, it is something guests may use to view the full site.
Do not edit any of the visitor account's preferences. You may log into the …

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 Playing a Pup/Raising a Family

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PostSubject: Playing a Pup/Raising a Family   Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:31 pm

Playing a Pup
Playing a little wolf pup is fun, considering you need not worry about serving your clan, and your days are filled with chewing on toys and bones and wrestling your littermates! However, you must be active. If you wish to be a pup, always stay with your parents.

Adopting a Pup
Don't have a mate? Unable to produce pups? If so, adopting one is an alternative. There is an Adoption Center forum for you to glance at various pups looking for a parent or parents. Once you adopt the pup, it is YOUR responsibility to care for it, feed it, and train it to behave.
Do NOT adopt a pup if:

  • You are not going to be active
  • You are not going to actively care for the pup
  • You are not going to care for the pup at all (your clan can assist you, but we can't take your pup in our paws!)

Having Pups
The most traditional way of having pups is to, well, find a mate and have pups.
A crash course on having pups:
1. First, ask your mate if it's okay to start having pups. If he/she agrees, you can move on to the next step.
2. Purchase the Pups Permission. Also notify your mate to do so.
3. Make sure both you AND your mate will be fairly active.
4. Decide with your mate how many pups you want in your litter. You may have up to four pups, with a minimum of just one pup.
5. Go to the Family Search forum (found inside the Adoption Shelter forum) and post a thread telling about you, your mate, and how many pups you wish to have.
6. When pups have filled your litter, they are born!

Stages of Being a Pup
This is how pups will live during the first weeks of its life.

Birth-week 1: Born approximately one pound, blind, deaf, darkly furred, small ears, rounded heads, and little if any sense of smell. They are limited to a slow crawl and to suckling and licking.

2 weeks: Eyes open and are blue, but vision is poor. They can start eating small pieces of meat regurgitated by adults. Pups begin to stand, walk, and learn to speak.

3 weeks: Begin appearing outside the den and romping and playing near the entrance; ears begin to become erect and hearing begins to get better.

4 weeks: Begins to venture out of the den with mother and learns to socialize with the other members of the pack for short periods of time.

5 weeks:Grows adult hair around nose and eyes; begins to learn to howl and are gaining strength; mother may go off for hours on end to hunt; dominance and play fighting begin.

6 weeks: Gradual process of weaning begins. Puppy will begin to recognize his/her name and will interact with the pack members more.

7 weeks: Can follow adults up to one mile from den and begin to go out on adventures.

8 weeks: Puppies will need to be watched closely for their natural instinct to sneak off and explore his/her new environment will kick in.

9 weeks: Adult teeth begin to come in and will be able to eat solid foods, but still drinks milk from time to time.

10 weeks: Weaning complete, pups can feed on food provided by adults; adult hair becomes apparent on body.

11 weeks: Eyes gradually change from blue to whatever color their eyes will be as an adult.

12 weeks: Begin to accompany adults and learn how to take their part in the pack!
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Playing a Pup/Raising a Family
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